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  • Integrated Voice Networks provide comprehensive “Parts & Labor” support for all new Business Phone System & IP Voice Solutions.
  • IVN guarantee a 4 hour response to critical faults and 8 hour / next day response to minor issues.
  • Many faults are rectified remotely.
  • All new equipment is automatically covered with 12 months warranty.
  • Refurbished equipment attracts cover with 3 months warranty.

“Do I need maintenance cover for my Voice Solution?”

Ask yourself this -

  • Do I have a service agreement covering my IT network.
  • Do I have a maintenance agreement on my Photo Copier
  • What is the cost to my business if my computer network or photo copier failed.
  • What is the cost to my business if my phones stopped ringing.

If you answer is “significant” we suggest you consider one of our maintenance plans.
For Panasonic Business Phone Systems a rough guide to your yearly Maintenance costs for regular working days & 8.30am to 5.00pm cover would be approximately 8% of your initial outlay. Integrated Voice Networks can also offer support on your existing Panasonic Business Phone System. A full system audit will be part of our maintenance offer to you.

Integrated Voice Networks offers a range of Maintenance contracts for Panasonic and ShoreTel IP Voice Solutions based on the customers demographics, existing IT Support infrastructure and specific requirements.

No more costly moves & changes

If you wish we will train your staff on your Panasonic Business Phone System programming & to the level of competency you require. Conversely, we have the ability to perform most programming changes remotely, as requested by you. The results is a considerable saving in deploying our technical resources. It is our pleasure to pass on these savings to our customers.

All of Integrated Voice Networks IP Voice Solutions inherently offer Administration Interfaces for Moves and Changes. The return on investment for our customers involved in performing their own MAC’s is significant.

Note: Willful & negligent damage or Act of God are not covered by Integrated Voice Networks Maintenance or Warranty programs.

Please read Integrated Voice Networks Terms & Conditions and Maintenance Contract Documents for full details.


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