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Who said work and pleasure can't mix?
John can turn his mobile, hotel phone or indeed any telephone into his work extension using ShoreTel's “Office Anywhere” feature - providing the ultimate in customer service.
“Office Anywhere” also conveys John’s "presence and availability" to his Brisbane office, eliminating wasteful communications. "Office anywhere" is just one of the embedded intelligent features that make up the ShoreTel Unified Communications suite.

What is Unified Communication (UC)?
Unified communications bridges the gap between IP Telephony and other computer related communication technologies.

Gauge the potential for UC to enhance your business
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Integration / email / voice mail
No wasted time by leveraging Microsoft Outlook® and Lotus Same Time® integration, users can manage voicemail and contacts with features that allow them to:

  • Listen, replay, forward and save voicemail as emails right from the inbox
  • Call contacts right from the Outlook® and Same Time® applications
  • Define your call handling from a Meeting/ Appointment request

Call Manager
Better prepare employees and redefine productivity with Graphical User Interface (GUI) access to directories and variable call handling applications including

  • “Find me”.
  • "Office Anywhere"
Know instantly whether someone is available to communicate with and how.
Letting callers know if a line is busy before dialing. 
Instant Message *
Communicate when a voice call is too intrusive
Enjoy a secure Instant Message infrastructure
Communicate more rapidly through Instant Message.
Video *
Have face-to-face video meetings with colleagues, without going anywhere. Video makes remote meetings easier, reduces travel expenses and improves collaboration.
Improve mobile phone users’ productivity by providing seamless remote access to voicemail, QuickDialer, Call History, Office Anywhere and Call Handling Mode settings.
Remote Workers – Tele-working
Seamlessly connect customers to remote workers and remote workers to the corporate offices more efficiently. Business resources are tapped at no increased cost regardless of geographical distance.
Collaborative Conferencing:
Converged Conferencing system eliminates the need for costly third-party audio and Web conferencing services.
Web and video conferencing calls will allow for better interactivity and subsequently better productivity, thereby reducing the cost on travel and telecoms.
Call Recording
Call recording along with call notes and call history (recipient, date and duration for all calls made, received or missed), helps create a complete, easily referenced summary of customer interactions.

Your Rating –

0 - 2 Modules.
You will require an explicit business driver to justify implementation.
However, we recommend you read our “Getting the Foundation Right” Unified Communications Document at your leisure.

3 – 9 Modules.
Unified Communications (UC) has definite potential to enhance your business.
IVN will assist you in fully understanding UC and in confirming this is the right path for your business via discussions, audits & demonstrations.

* Software R 11.1 available in Australia.


We recommend reading our “Getting the Foundation Right” Unified Communications Document.


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